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Opportunity scoring reports in Salesforce

This article will help you set up reports in Salesforce that leverage MadKudu’s Opportunity Scoring module in order to better understand your pipeline.
Sample report:

What follows are step-by-step instructions on how to set up a typical Opportunity report with the new MadKudu fields.

Setting up a parametric report for your pipeline reviews

In Salesforce, head to the “Reports” tab and select the “Opportunities” report type, then click create.

  1. Change the Report format to “Matrix Format”
  2. Add the field MK Stage 30 days Ago to the report. Bring it to the second column, with Stage being the first.
  3. Add filters you’ll want to have in the Reports UI, these typically include “Opportunity Owner”, “Stage”, “MK Stage 30 days Ago”

Save the Report and Run it.
Turn on the “Toggle Chart” and then click “edit chart”

Pick the stacked bar chart display and tick the “Stack to 100%” option

Start running your Pipeline reviews more efficiently!

Using the parametric report for your pipeline reviews

Find your rep’s stagnant pipeline

Simply filter the report for a Rep and a given stage.

You will be able to see how much of the pipeline was already in that specific stage 30 days ago and has not moved…
…Or on the flip side, see how much was closed in less than 30 days!

Of course because Salesforce is awesome (in its own way), you can drill down into any section of the report to find which are the specific opportunities that constitute a block.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rename the standard MadKudu attributes?

This is possible if you are on the enterprise plan. We strongly recommend the use the “mk prefix” naming convention. It allows you to always know what fields are populated by MadKudu and which ones are not.

Can I use a custom stage for the MadKudu Opportunity Scoring

Yes, this is possible if you are on the enterprise plan.

Can I create custom reports with MadKudu fields?

Absolutely! We’re happy to assist if you have any question on how to do so.