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Score a list of leads in google sheet

Ever wished you could score a list of leads before loading them into your CRM? Or wanted to figure out based on the list of attendees of an event if it was worth sending more reps? This article is for you!

This article will walk you through the steps to setup a scoring function in google spreadsheet using your MadKudu API key. You will then be able to score entire lists of leads with the MadKudu customer fit.


Create a custom scoring function

In your google sheet, open the script editor under Tools > script editor

Paste the code below to create a new function and save the script.

You now have a scoring function called mk_find_person

Find your API Key

Head to your MadKudu account and obtain your API key in Integrations > API
You will need it in the following step

Score your first email

Create two colums: score and reasons

In the score column, use the following function to score the lead in A2 with the API Key you obtained previously:

=mk_find_person(A2, "YOUR_API_KEY")

This will populate the 2 columns with a customer fit score and the top signals that constitute the score