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Score new leads or users on Intercom in real-time


You may want to score your leads or users in Intercom in real-time to enable workflows to occur on-the-fly.

With real-time MadKudu scoring in Intercom, a core use case you could enable goes as follows:

  • Intercom sends an automated message on the “resources” page of the website to offer a white paper. Intercom asks visitor to enter their email address.
  • Visitor enters the email address in the Intercom messenger window.
  • Intercom now updates the profile of this visitor with the email address in its system.
  • MadKudu immediately updates the profile of this lead in Intercom with the MadKudu predictive attributes.
  • Subsequently, Intercom chat enables a workflow that offers this visitor to book a demo with sales directly in the chat window.

Similar to Fastlane, we’ve seen incredible conversion rates by allowing qualified leads to book Sales meetings smoothly and efficiently.

How to set it up?

  1. Connect your MadKudu instance to Intercom with these instructions.
  2. Approach your Customer Success team at MadKudu to enable real-time scoring.

Note that this capability is still in its beta release and therefore will require MadKudu’s assistance for configuration and monitoring.

How to enable workflows?

Once you’ve received a green light from MadKudu’s Customer Success team, all your new leads and users will automatically be scored with MadKudu’s predictive attributes (score, segment, signals) in your Intercom interface.

Depending on the workflow you would like to build, you are able to create a User or Visitor Auto Message workflow based on the MadKudu predictive attribute. Please reach out to your Customer Success representative on tips and tricks to create an efficient worfklow using MadKudu and Intercom.