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Setting up MadKudu Fastlane


MadKudu Fastlane enables you to let your qualified leads book meetings directly with your reps after they request a demo.
You can read here how MadKudu Fastlane increased Segment’s qualified demos by 60%


In order to run MadKudu Fastlane on your demo forms you will need:

  • MadKudu Forms enabled for your account (contact support or your account manager to activate the feature)
  • MadKudu snippet installed on your demo page (see instructions)
  • A calendar solution like Calendly, ChiliPiper or Outreach linked to your reps’ availabilities. Please note that the latter 2 allow for real time round robin.
  • A connection between your calendar app and your CRM to indicate when a lead has picked a time to meet and thus exclude them from any automated campaign. For MadKudu Pro plan and above, you may request this to be enabled directly through MadKudu

How to set up MadKudu Fastlane

Contact support or your account manager for assistance

It takes a few clicks to set up MadKudu Fastlane.

1. Log into your MadKudu account, go to the “Campaigns” section, and create a new Campaign.

2. Edit the campaign name.

“Product - Demo - Fastlane” is a fairly common name.

3. Configure the MadKudu Form

1 Input your demo request URL in the URL field

NB: if there is a redirect after the submission of the form, use the advanced settings to add your redict page to the form.
We recommend you run Fastlane on the redirect.

2 Define the email field to track for qualification

In the code snipped below, replace ‘#email’ with the email field identifier on your form.

var email = '#email';

3 Configure a webhook (optional)

If you’d like to have a webhook to fire whenever a prospects requests a demo, you may add your webhook URL to the form

NB: The first webhook fires whenever a lead is qualified, the second fires only when a leads clicks the fastlane CTA.

4 Configure your Calendar solution

1 Setup with Calendly

Calendly is a free calendar tool to get started when you have a small sales team.

1 Paste the code below in the “What to do when a visitor is found to be qualified” section

2 Connect the form to your Calendly instance

Replace line 12 with your calendly URL

calendlyUrl: 'https:/',

3 Optionally, personalize the message

Replace line 10 with your desired messaging

var modalOptions = {
  // Input your calendly link here
  calendlyUrl: 'https:/',
  title: firstName + ', you qualify for the fast lane!',
  subtitle: 'Our scoring tells us you should get access to our experts\' calendar',
  cta_yes: 'Book time with an expert!',
  cta_no: 'No thanks.'

2 Setup with ChiliPiper

ChiliPiper is a calendar tool that connects to Salesforce to handle round robin in real time, making it an ideal solution for sales teams of 2+ reps.

1 Paste the code below in the “What to do when a visitor is found to be qualified” section

2 Connect the form to your Chilipiper instance

Replace line 53 with your Chilipipe router

ChiliPiper.submit("madkudu", "inbound-router", chili_options);

To find it, log into Chilipiper, head to … and
If this functionality is not available on your account, please contact the Chilipiper support team.

3 Optionally, personalize the message

Replace line 35 with your desired messaging

var modalOptions = {
  title: firstName + ', you qualify for the fast lane!',
  subtitle: 'Our scoring tells us you should get access to our calendar now.',
  cta_yes: 'Book time with us',
  cta_no: 'No thanks.'

3 Setup with Outreach

Coming soon!

5 Test your Fastlane

Use the preview functionality to test the Fastlane functionality.
Warning, while using Fastlane in preview mode does not impact your production form, any meetings booked in preview mode will be recorded as actual demos booked. Make sure to remove those meetings afterwards or let your sales team know.

When possible we recommend testing with a staging calendar to avoid any confusion.

6 Publish

Once you’re satisfied with the preview, turn the form on and publish it.
After a couple minutes you can check that the form is live by heading to your demo request page and running the following command in the console:


It should return true indicating the form is now live and ready to better your demo booking experience for qualified prospects.

7 Profit!


  • Can I run A/B testing to measure the lift generated by MadKudu Fastlane?
    Absolutely! Please contact your account manager to discuss different options
  • Can I use a different lead scoring function for Fastlane than what I have in my CRM
    Yes, we offer the ability to run multiple lead scoring functions and to pick the one you’d like to use for Fastlane. Contact your account manager to update your configuration.
  • I’m using Hubspot forms and cannot autopopulate the firmographic fields
    This can be link to a documented issue with jQuery and Hubspot forms (see here). Try using
    instead of