MadKudu Docs


Getting started

MadKudu automatically analyzes your existing customer data to find patterns that indicate which customers will become your best customers and when is it a right time to engage.

MadKudu ingests several types of customer data:

  • Product usage : it usually comes from your web analytics application (eg. Mixpanel, KISSmetrics) but it can also come from your application internal database. It includes every user profiles and the events associated to those profiles. For example, “team member added”, or “report created”.

  • CRM information: account, contact and lead information are ingested from your CRM (eg. Salesforce)

  • Support interactions: this includes “tickets” created by your customers in your support system (e.g Zendesk) as well as those customers’ profiles

  • Marketing interactions: this comes from your marketing automation solution (e.g. Marketo) or your communication app (e.g. Intercom). It includes your contact profiles and the history of marketing interactions including events like “received a message”, “opened a message”, “clicked a message”, etc.
    You don’t need to provide all the data above to get your first value from

The most important data source is product usage. It is often a great start and other data sources can be provided later when it makes sense.

How do I send data?

There are several ways to start sending us data (click on each one to get more details):

  • Via one-click integrations: It is the easiest way to get started if you use one of our partners.

In the left navigation menu, click on the Integrations icon. The next screen will show you a list of all available integrations. To enable one, click on it and follow the instructions.