MadKudu Docs



What does this integration do?

MadKudu has a great integration with Salesforce. Depending on your MadKudu plan, connecting Salesforce will allow you to do things like:

  • update your salesforce lead and contact profiles with your MadKudu predictive analytics (see here for details).

  • have sales notifications be sent to the right person, ie. the person who owns the lead (eg. Slack notifications)

How to set it up?

#1 Log in your salesforce account and click on your name at the top right of the screen, and then “My Settings”.

#2 Click on “Personal” in the left navigation bar, then “Reset My Security Token”, and finally “Reset Security Token”.

#3 Open your emails and find the salesforce security token in the message

#4 Log in MadKudu, click “Integrations” and then “Salesforce”.

#5 Copy/paste the information and click “save”.

You’re all set!


Can I test MadKudu using my Salesforce Sandbox first?

Yes. In the Salesforce integration page, check the “Sandbox?” option to have MadKudu sync data using your Salesforce Sandbox environment.

Note: If you’re using your sandbox, your username should be username.[name_of_your_sandbox], for example if your username is and your sandbox is called test.

What Salesforce permissions do I need?

The salesforce user you use to connect MadKudu to salesforce requires the following permissions:

  • API Enabled
  • Modify All Data

To find out whether or not your user has those permissions, start by going into the Salesforce “Setup” section.

Then go to the user section and click on the “profile” of the user you want to check permissions for.

Scroll down the the “Administrative permissions” section and make sure the proper settings are checked.

This user will be used for the following

  • read data from Salesforce (leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, users and changes)
  • update information in Salesforce

What data will this integration obtain from Salesforce?

We limit ourselves to the minimum information needed to run our predictions.

By default, MadKudu pulls the following objects (and their history) along with their standard attributes:

  • Lead
  • Contact
  • Account
  • Opportunity

Additional data (including salesforce custom objects) can pulled if you are on the enterprise plan.